Friday, February 27, 2009

London & Lilly's 1st Birthday!

I cannot believe it has been 1 year since these two little angels were born. They turned a year old on Tuesday, February 24th. We had a little party with just family. My Mom and Dad came up and Alisha, Michael, Hayden and Maya came over. Spencer video taped, Fallon took the snap shots and I did everything else. We dressed them in little too-toos. London had a purple on and Lilly had a pink one. They opened their presents first. They each got a rocking chair, talking elmos, and books. Fallon made them each a stuffed animal from build-a-bear. London's was a monkey and Lilly's was a bunny. Spencer and I bought them a playhouse for the backyard. They will have a blast in it this summer. After presents they ate their first cake. It was so cute watching them carefully touch the frosting for the first time. After the first taste it was over for the little ladybug's. London stuck her whole hand in it. Lilly just ate and ate. London kept saying "hmmm, hmmm, hmmm" over and over. She obviously loved it. She is our eater though. She loves food. After they finished we had to strip them down and wash them up. Cake was in the ears and hair and eyes. Too cute!

At the end of the day we were all tired, but feeling very blessed to have such a beautiful growing family. Having twins has been so fun and rewarding. We thank the Lord everyday for all three of our beautiful girls.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All about Fallon!

Fallon is now 12 1/2 years old. She is very grown up for her age, sometimes. She loves pizza, cheese only. She loves texting her friends, swimming, playing the guitar and fashion. Her and her friends planned out matching valentines outfits. They wore pink/red skinny jeans and came over here to make valentines t-shirts. Fallon's turned out really cute. This last weekend she swam in sectionals, which qualifies you to swim at the state meet, if you make the cut off times. Fallon made the state cut off times by far this year and will compete in the state swim meet on March 7th. She has also qualified in to swim at regionals this year in nine different events. Regionals will be held in Minneapolis, MN on March 28th and 29th. We are so proud of Fallon and all she has accomplished this swim season. In June, she will attend a swim camp at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. It is 5 days and four nights. She will be rooming with her friend on the swim team. I am excited for her to learn new things from coaches on a higher level.

Fallon is also in choir at school and had a concert not long ago. She sings with her new guitar she got for Christmas. She began taking guitar lessons in January and has done very well. Her instructor is very impressed by her ability so far. She does well in school and will be an 8th graders next year. We went to orientation last night at the school. I cannot believe she has grown up so fast! Spencer and I adore her and know she is well on her way to becoming a great and accomplished daughter of God.

Let's catch up!

The above slide show is in October and November. London and Lilly were Lady bugs for Halloween. London was always in the candy bowl. They were crawling everywhere and getting into everything. Fallon made a dinner for us to pass of a 10 hour project for Young Women's. She also made the apron she is wearing, for the project.

This slide show is during November and December. We celebrated Christmas here in Iowa. We made a gingerbread house, which was lots of fun. Fallon got a guitar and the twins got an ice cream truck to ride in. They love their gifts. My parents came up and spent Christmas with us. We had a family dinner on Christmas eve and Alisha and her family came over. This was the first year we have had family with us for Christmas. The twins sat on santa's lap, but didn't really like it. Fallon wouldn't, I guess she is getting to big. She is such a beautiful girl.

These pictures are in January. Take notice of the twins in the snow. Spencer brought some snow inside one day for them to play with. We then decided to bundle them up and put them out in the snow and make snow angels. I don't think they enjoyed it too much. Also note the funny faces that London and Lilly are making, they just learned it. They love bath time and are so cute during nap time. Fallon loves to play with them. They get so excited when she comes home from school. They crawl all over her.

London and Lilly are both walking and have been for a while. They think they are so cool now that they are upright like the BIG people in their life. They both have 12 teeth, but little hair. :)

Our family is growing!