Thursday, January 31, 2008


My husband the Surgeon!

Spencer is completing his 2nd year of a general surgery residency at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, IA. He definately enjoys what he does. The hours are not very family friendly right now, but I hope for the best when he is finally finished in a couple years. I never get to actually see him in action, but I hear he is pretty good. Let's hopes so, he is supposed to be saving lives!

I honestly don't know how he can stand in a surgery for hours at a time and still perform the way he is supposed to. I think I would fall asleep after the second hour! He will call me after a six hour surgery while he is preparing for the next one. I admire him so much!

I do enjoy the stories that he comes home to tell. I am glad I don't have to actually see the graphics, I'll leave that stuff to him. I like to hear the successes. There have been a few losses, that's life, but Spencer seems to be able to deal with them and move on to the next case.

He had a nurse take these pictures of him operating so we could see him in his second home. I think he is quite the studd in his surgery uniform!

The only complaint I have had is the accumulation of scrubbs that seem to just multiply in our home. I guess that will be something that will never change, given the profesion he has chosen.

The best thing about this surgeon is that at the end of his long day, he leaves it all at the hospital. When he comes home he is truely home, which makes Fallon and I feel like the most important things in his life! Sorry all you girls out there, for I grabbed the best man on earth!

Swim Girl

OUR LITTLE FISH! We have the cutest little fish that ever lived...

Yes, that would be Fallon. She loves to swim, she practices everyday after school. Sometimes I cannot get her out of the water. Swimming is definately what she was born to do. It has been so fun watching her develop this talent that continues to grow and improve everyday! She is my inspiration.

Fallon competes year round for the YMCA swim team. She is now preparing for Sectionals where she will hopefully qualify for State in four events. She is an awsome swimmer and way cool in her googles!

The events she usually competes in
are the 100 meter Back stroke, 100 meter Individual Medely (you swim a differents stroke for each lap), 50 meter Back stroke, 50 Free Style and the 50 meter Butterfly. She will be swimming the IM, 100 Back and 50 Back in Sectionals.

Of all the strokes, she is a natural at the back stroke. She has already beat the State cut off times in regular meets, she just has to keep though's times at Sectionals to qualify for the State meet. Spencer and I are so very proud of her dedication and determination. Fallon is striving for a college scholarship, which seems like a big goal for an eleven year old, but that is what she says she wants to do! You go for it Fallon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My baby shower

I just had a baby shower on January 19th. It was so fun! The twins got the cutest things to wear. I cannot wait to dress them up!

They also received lots of bathtime essentials. Lots of handmade blankets, which I love. There were 5 pregnant girls at the shower. This is definately the baby booming season!

I received lots of nice things, ate good food and enjoyed the company of many guests. Including some family members who made the trip up from Missouri. I feel so blessed.

I am now 33 weeks pregnant and feeling like I should be 40 weeks. I don't think I can handle anymore growth! So far I have not been put on restrictions (bedrest), just to take it easy. So, I have been paying Fallon to do all my house work. She likes the money of course, more trips to the mall! I have 3 more weeks to go for the twins to be considered full term. After that there is no more taking it easy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Wii

Our family received a Wii for Christmas! What a fun activity. We have never owned any video games, but I have to say it has been very fun for everyone. Fallon's arms hurt, the next day, after playing boxing. It is definiately a workout. Spencer sure has enjoyed playing it as well. Our favorite games are Wii sports and Mario Galaxy!

Our family is growing!