Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

Hello everyone,
This is Fallon..i'm typing for my mom because i'm a great daughter, and she hasn't been on for over a year! Well, lets catch up!
The girls turned 2 February 24, and are not yet potty trained! ughh! They are getting very independent, but are a joy everyday. Me (Fallon) was sick all Winter with MONO, Sinus Infections, and many other things I do not know. Because of my sickness I missed State, and was not able to participate. But luckily I was able to go to Regionals (when the whole mid-west region competes) and placed 11 over all on my Backstroke. I am just now getting my strength back. My mom is doing well, and still smiling, as well as stocking me on FACEBOOK....My dad, is happy to be in his last year of Residency in July. Which means we will be packing and moving again! We went to San Diego in the summer for Vacation. Fallon, got attacked by a Seagull because she was holding dead fish feeding the Seals. It was a fun Vacation, I also got to swim with Beluga Whale! It was amazing! lol.
We will try to be on more,

With Love,

Fallon & the Family

Our family is growing!