Friday, February 29, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Welcome Lillian Brielle and London Ashley!!!
DOB: February 24th 2008

WOW!!! We are so blessed to have these precious girls come into our lives. We are so thankful to all of our friends and family for thoughts and prayers offered on our behalf. The birth could not have gone better. Vivian delivered Lillian and London naturally and only 3 minutes apart. We had an uneventful 2 nights stay in the hospital and came home on the day we were supposed to be induced, the 26th of February. We feel so very blessed and enjoy the challenges of raising twin infants. Every 3 hour feedings, diaper changes (let's just say the Diaper Genie is working overtime!) and laundry keeps us busy. Needless to say, sleep is at a premium around here. Spencer has already burnt himself sterilizing bottles, cut himself twice preparing formula and has to be the only dad who has ever used more than 3 diapers during a single diaper change. He is learning that you don't have to use an entire package of wet ones at one time. Just like their big sister, these two are going to be super spoiled!
Fallon is a great big sister. She just loves the girls and helps tremendously around the house. She enjoys holding the girls and helping out where she can.

We hope you enjoyed the slide show. We will post again soon.

With love,

The Kirks.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check out my Babies Room!

Spencer spent a lot of time on their room. He picked out most of the furniture and did all the painting. I absolutely love it! I love the ladybug theme and the pink and green colors. Our names are Lillian (Lilly) and London. We still haven't decided on middle names, we will let you know!


This is BIG me exactly one week before the twins are scheduled to arrive! Yes that right, I am scheduled to be induce on February 26th. We are so excited. I will be 36 weeks and 7 days on the induction date. The babies are in the 4 and 5 lb. range, which is pretty good. I don't think I can handle any more baby growth. We will post our new arrivals next week.

Spencer decided he wanted to feel my pain, so he put a soccer ball inside his shirt. Not much of a comparison when you can take out the ball whenever you want! Must be nice. He has been a great support though and is very excited to have these two little ones arrive.

The Iowa Blizzard!

We had a blizzard on Sunday and of course my family had to play in the snow! Spencer and Fallon love the snow! I just watch from the window. They were outside for several hours building a snowman and just playing together. This time next year he is going to have two more girls to play with in the snow.

They always make a big snowman, and Fallon loves it. I think the ski's added a nice fininshing touch to their creation! They had so much fun and I had just as much fun watching them. We have had snow all winter. I sure am ready for summer to come along! Today is -8, the coldest day yet. I like Iowa, but this is rediculous.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

She is going to State!

Fallon had Sectionals this last weekend and did awsome. Not only did she make the State cutoff times in all her events, she broke her own records and set new team records! I am so proud of her! I made it to most of the meet. They last 6-7 hours, which is way to long for a huge pregnant girl.
Fallon will be swimming at the Iowa State swim meet on March the 2nd. Unfortunately I will miss this big event in her life. The twins should to born in the next week! We are very excited about that, no more pregnancy! I am very blessed to be pregnant, but am getting very uncomfortable.
Fallon reads our blog so feel free to wish her good luck!

Our family is growing!